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I feel like crying. I really need a hug. Eva is 5 months old. Goodbye colics, welcome mashed fruits and vegetables, and my favourite Hipp jars. It was suppose to be easy from now on. Not because somebody told me it will, not because it’s a rule. No… it supposed to be easy because it was easy 11 years ago when Oliwer was a baby and 5 years ago, when Ben was. But this time it is NOT easy.

I am tired. And nobody can understand this type of tiredness, especially somebody who doesn’t have a baby. Even dads can’t know what it means unless they are stay at home dads. It’s the tiredness of – I don’t know what else I can do. 

My problem seems to be simple – Eva is teething. Sounds simple – every mum and every baby need to go threw this. It stops being simple when your arms hurt from carrying a crying baby third hour in a row. When your baby tries to bite everything to stop their pain for a moment, when bonjela is not enough, and calpol helps only for a short period of time. None of teething toys can help, doesn’t matter how long you kept them in the fridge. 

I feel helpless and so sorry for my little girl. I wish I could do more. I just hope it will finish quick.