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My little bubble

I switch on tv, and then I switch it off again. I have enough listening about Brexit, and what new Donald Trump did (why are everybody so surprised anyway, he said he is going to do it, didn’t it?). On a day like this I create my little bubble. Boys are at school, P. is at work, and I am home with little Eva, my little princess.

Eva is nearly 4 months old now. She’s got eyes like two shiny beads and a smile that melt hearts. And it’s not only my opinion as a mother, everyone who seen her can tell you that. This baby is just cute.


Eva 3.5 monthsĀ 

She is also a little angel. If she’s not asleep, she smiles. Hardly ever cry. So I found my self a hobby that I can do while sitting at home with her. I knit. No… it’s not only for old ladies, it’s very calming down, helping me to focus. I learnt to knit in primary school, but then left it for many years, and now I discover that it gives me a lot of pleasure.

I even wanted to share my knowledge on YT, record some tutorials, on hats and scarves, but then I discovered, that I don’t like my recorded voice. And anyway it’s not easy to record a good tutorial, that I know for sure. But I still can share my photos, so I’d like to show you my first teddy bear that I have made.


My first knitted teddy bear

Have a very good day!



I’m sure I’ve said that loads of times, but I have enough. I reached the point in my pregnancy,  when I just want my daughter to be born. I don’t go out to much, because I’m struggling to walk, and I’m fed up with people touching my belly, saying – you look like you’re gonna pop! – or – can’t believe you’re still walking! – so I sit at home bored, while Paul is at work, and boys are at school.

Recently one of my friends gave birth, unfortunately a month to early, to her gorgeous little boy Dariush. So I thought, as I like to handcraft things, I’ll make something for him.

In Poland we have this old wives tale, that every new born needs to have a red ribbon put on a pushchair,  to deflect bad looks of jealous people. So I’ve made one for little baby Dariush.

Another thing I’ve made is a dummy clip. 

I also try myself in crochet, but don’t thing I’m patient enough. I’ll keep on trying tho, and let you know how am I doing. 

Now I have to pick up my Ben from school.


People lives change all the time. More or less, for better or worse. I hate changes in my life. Although last time everything changed for better, because I’ve met Paul. Today it’s happening again. It’s nothing scary, just big moments for everyone in my family. But I’m out of my comfort zone. I don’t know what’s next. My little Ben, officially finishes nursery today. Something that has been in our lives for nearly 3 years constantly,  even during summer holidays, because I was working. My 11 years old – Oliwer. Finishes Primary school today. He has been in the same school since he was 4. But it’s time to move to secondary school. In this place I have to gently swap subject and say how proud of him I am, because he scored top marks on the new SATS tests, when I hear all over that children were under national expectations. Well done son! Back to where I was – there’s me. Going to maternity leave from my work. The work that I love, people that I know. I want to go back next year, but you never know what is gonna happen… And there’s my Paul, supporting us all, trying to catch up with over emotional pregnancy states. I wasn’t too nice to him this morning, I must admit, and say sorry to him, but my head is just somewhere else, changes are stressing me out…

At the end I just want to show you my new hobby. Because I wanted to give Oliwer’s teachers something nice, so they can remember him, I made the gifts myself. The picture isn’t good, but you can see what I’ve done. Book folding. I really enjoyed it. I’ve made two of them, I hope they’re gonna like it.