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So it’s Saturday, and I am home alone. Well, not totally, I have my little princess Eva with me, but she is asleep. Paul is on the afternoon shift at work, and our boys spend Saturdays nights at their dad’s house. It’s very quiet in the house, even my cat doesn’t make a sound. I don’t usually like to be on my own, but today, after very busy few days, I am really enjoying it.

It’s because I try to be there for everybody. Eva off course needs my constant attention. Ben as a middle child is simply jealous, and this becomes a real problem. His not angry, he loves Eva. But he wants me to be with him all the time. So I need to stretch myself to change nappies, read books, bottle feed and play on PS at the same time. I do talk to him a lot, try to be there when he needs me. But this makes it worse, because now, everything is the end of the world. Today he took my iPad and saw that there is a new game. It was Oliwer’s game, and I didn’t know anything about it. So he cried. Instead of just go and ask his older brother he cried, and I’ve spent nearly 10 minutes calming him down, explaining that Oliwer for sure will tell him everything he wants to know about this game. This is how it looks, any little reason is the reason to cry. I don’t even entertain it any more. I just tell him to stop or I won’t talk to him. He needs to snap out of this habit quickly, or I’ll sit down and cry with him. And there’s Oliwer. He is 11, and this is time when he needs me and Paul a lot. If I hadn’t nag him about school, he would happily leave everything, not do his homework, and play on his PS all day and all night. So I make sure he is always ready for school, and if he doesn’t understand something, I work on it with him (what sometimes means that I have to go online and learn how to do it myself). In this matter I was nicely rewarded, as Oliwer’s new school report shows that he is where he should be with moste of the subjects, and with some of them even above the expected level.

This week I’ve had a difficult cake to make, so most of my free time over last three days, I’ve spent preparing figurines. I also tried to do the usual things, so our daily schedule doesn’t change. I think children, especially little needs a routine more than anything. I am very happy with the result of my work, and I want to show you how it turned out. It’s a double sided cake, for brother and sister, she loves Disney and animals, he plays Dragon City game. So here is a link to my instagram post;

I were very happy to give it away, so I could focus on my kiddos a little bit. We had an art Saturday. Ben could choose what we will do. He wanted to paint. I like when we paint, because Oliwer leaves his games and joins us every time. We have a bit of family time. It’s a shame that Paul was at work, and couldn’t do it with us.


Now, to celebrate mu quiet evening, I will hang my washing, and have a long hot bath.


Funny Eva

Something really funny happened today. Let’s start from the beginning.

Since Eva was born her granddad tried to make her laugh with his car keys. She was never bothered to much, until today. Today she couldn’t get off them. She just wanted them, and she cried if she couldn’t get them. The whole situation was very funny. Here is a film I’ve put on YT, showing her crying, and then cheering up when she’s got the keys.

It’s only 19 seconds. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Sometimes it is as it is. Whatever you will do, the madness will catch you. So many things happen last weekend, that I just have to tell you.
Friday. As you know I’m pregnant. And finally on Friday the day has come, to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. I couldn’t be more excited and stressed. So was Paul. We went to the hospital, and while having the scan I asked the doctor to tell us. The only problem was, that the baby put legs up, and we couldn’t see anything. The weirdest thing I’ve made on the scan – lift my bum up, and wiggle the belly to make the baby move. Still nothing. What a disappointment when the doctor said – sorry, we run out of time. – even worse, because it was my last scan in this pregnancy. We couldn’t NOT know! Everybody were waiting for the news! So straight from the hospital we went to make an appointment for a privet scan. And here is where I’ll do some advertising. If you live in Donny or around,  you need emergency or early scan, go to Baby it’s you. Very nice people, calm atmosphere,  and they did it for me straight away. Wasn’t easy,  baby still didn’t want to show it’s sex. We even have z photo when the baby has a hand close to it’s face. It’s probably sucking the tomb, but we say it says  – nanana I won’t tell you! – The midwife went over and above to see, finally she said the sentence, that made my heart beat faster – I think it’s a girl… –
A girl, my little princess… I have two boys, I love them to bits, and now I finally will have my little Disney Princess… We still had to make sure. I had to turn on one side, then on other side, when we saw it three times more, and the result was the same, the midwife confirmed again, that it’s a girl. I couldn’t be happier,  my mum cred and screamed from happiness,  everybody are extremely excited for my little girl. 🙂


Then I’ve had to go back down to reality,  as I’ve had a cake order, and sugarpaste flowers to make. And to top it off, prepare my sons Holy Communion party on Sunday. I worked hard,  and I’ve done it all.


Baby shower cake, I've made last Saturday.


And a little bit of advertising again – Aaron Desourdy Photography – a good friend of my partner, very talented photographer,  he made my son’s Holy Communion photos.




At the end of the weekend I was more tired then after a week of work, but still it was worth it. 🙂