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Valentine’s Day is special for everybody. It always was something very important for me. But this year I just don’t feel it. I think it’s because I have lots of love around me every day. Me and Paul do the simple little things for each other all the time, so there’s no need for anything extremely special on this one day. But as I wanted to celebrate our love somehow on this occasion, I decided to start planning our wedding. And here the problem appear. I have no idea how to plan a wedding. I’ve been a guest on somebody’s wedding a few times, but never organised any, or even helped to organize one…

I decided to sign up to, at the beginning I’ve been asked some questions, like – what’s the date you chosen, or what is your wedding budget. Honestly, I have no idea. I roughly know, that we would like to get wed in two years (yes, I gave myself that much time, to organize my perfect wedding), preferably in june, because that’s when we had our first date. Budget? We will just have to see on the way, what we have and what we want.

The next thing that I saw on the page was very helpful task list. For a person that has absolutely no idea where to start, this is a life saver. So I downloaded their ultimate wedding checklist, read the tasks they gave me for this month, and ticked the boxes on things like – celebrate your engagement. Now we need to focus on our Wedding style and colours. It will take me the next few days or even weeks to go threw internet and find things that I like, then sit with Paul and decide what we want. This year we have our friends wedding coming up in August, so I will definitely pay attention to how it is done. The bride is a very creative person as well, and she has done a lot of decorations herself, even a flower girl dress. I want to do it this way, that’s why I need a lot of time.

I’ve never been a princess, but for this one day I want to feel like I am.