December is a very special time for my family. It’s the most magical time. And as I am polish my Christmas look a little bit different then British Christmas. I won’t tell you now about Christmas Eve , and Day, because it’s a story for a next time. I want to tell you about Father Christmas Day.

As everyone who celebrate Christmas ,  at the beginning of December I buy Advent calendars for my whole family including me and Mr P. And the first date on this calendar that we can’t wait for is 6th of December. All children go to sleep early on 5th of December ,  because Santa won’t come if they’re not asleep. And in the morning when they wake up ,  they find gifts under the pillows. Nothing big, little toys, and mainly sweets.

This shows children that he is there, he is watching, and he knows who’s good or not. That raise my question. Do you tell your children that Father Christmas is watching them? Or that he won’t give them presents if they’re naughty? I do, but this year my 4 year old was really scared, and didn’t want to be alone in his room after I told him that he’s being watched. It’s this thing, we tell children to keep away from strangers , and then at Christmas we say that old man with beard is watching them all the time and it’s ok! Never thought of this until this year.

Anyway my 4 years old Ben is a bit of  handful child. Recently he really wasn’t a very good boy, so along with the gifts under his pillow I left the letter from Father Christmas, saying that if he want to get this gift he is talking about a lot for Christmas , he needs to try a little bit harder. But Ben instead of thinking ‘Oh no! I need to be good from now on!’ just said ‘Mum he promised me I’ll get it!’ It didn’t really work as I planned…


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