So that’s it. Summer is long gone, and autumn is fully in. It’s this first part of it, that I really like. It is a bit cool, I do have heating set up on minimum at home, but it’s still sunny outside. I like steady walks with shoes dipped in colorful leaves that nobody swept of the path; I like colours if the trees and how everything change. The middle stage between summer and gray and wet, late autumn… I look at people around me, seems that nobody can see it, everybody is in such a rush, that they miss the beauty of nature. I don’t blame them. They probobly have jobs, meetings, problems to solve. I have time. This is one of the perks of having a newborn baby. I take my baby in a pram and just wander around.

Today maybe less peaceful, as my boys started half term break at school, but still lovely. This is me, the mother of three, I tell you STOP! Stand for a moment, smile and look around. The world is beautiful, we just need to look at it.


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