Tomorrow is my due date, but it looks like my baby girl is not going anywhere. So I’m “running” thru my hospital bag again, to make sure I have everything, and I thought I’ll tell you, from my point of view, how it is to give birth, as I’ve done it twice already.

  1. First thing – the bag. My bag is prepared from the beggining of August, as you never know, when you are going to need it. I’ll be honest, I’m very unorganized person, so my partner got involved in it, he made a list, I just added a few things to it, and we packed it. Do it with your partner if you can, it will help him realize that it’s coming sooner or later. Here is our list:
    FOR ME:
    – 2 or 3 sleeping dresses, one to give birth in, second to change after, and third, because it’s a very dirty business and you don’t want to walk around looking like it’s Halloween
    – slippers
    – shower gel, for me there’s nothing nicer than a shower straight after
    – dressing gown
    – towel
    – face cloth, to wipe your face during childbirth, as I promise you, you will be very sweaty
    – a few pairs of big pants
    – pads for pants
    – pregnancy bra
    – bodysuits
    – sleeping suits
    – vests
    at least 3 of each, as babies like to get dirty
    – blankets, I packed 2
    – nappies
    – baby wipes
    – hats, socks and mittens
    – dummy
    – muslin clothesThat’s the essentials according to me, and it’s only if you’re going to hospital for a short stay (around 6 hours after giving birth). Remember, better take more than panic after. I also have some special baby clothes prepared for leaving the hospital. I believe it’s a special moment, and has to be perfect.
  2. Planning the childbirth. I’ve been through it with midwife last month. She asked me about painkillers mostly. And what I can say is, don’t be a hero. Don’t say – I don’t want painkillers, because I want to be there with body and mind. My first time – very easy. They couldn’t give me any painkillers as it was to late for that, but I was the lucky one, done the job quick, and I can’t remember much of pain. Second, I wanted to be hard, but it was more painful, and as soon as it started I were begging for a gas. This time, I said to midwife that I want gas as from the beginning, and I won’t say No! to anything if the pain is strong.
  3. OMG IT STARTED!!! It’s always a shock. My first child – contractions woken me up at 1 o’clock in the morning. I don’t remember much from in between this moment and giving birth. Second one – my waters broke while I was helping older son with his homework. Both times I felt great! Didn’t think that it’s time at all! This time, I’ve spent so many nights laying in bed with contractions, thinking – are they real or fake? The truth is – if you have time and strength to think about it, 9 times out of 10 they aren’t real. When it comes, there won’t be any doubts. YOU WILL KNOW!
  4. Way to hospital. Just a quick word about that. Plan it before. If you have other children, make sure you organize with family and friends who will come to look after them when you have to go. If you don’t have a car, like I don’t make sure you know who will take you to the hospital. If your husband is working, plan what happens if it starts when he is at work. In our case, I call Paul and make my way to hospital with a friend,  Paul makes his own way, and we meet in there.
  5. Don’t be afraid to shout and swear. In fact, you’ll use words you never suspected that you know. When you’re giving birth The Game of Thrones seems to be a light daytime soap. You are pushing a little human out of your body!

    And then, when it’s all finished, you feel a relief, blessing like in a happy end of Disney story, in your head everything is singing, and this little baby that midwife has put on your belly is most beautiful miracle of your life.
    You will never forget this moment, but you will forget the pain. Don’t be scared, ask midwives and nurses for everything you want. They are there for you and your baby.
    GOOD LUCK!!!


My boys after Ben was born


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