It’s two days left to my due date. How frustrating, when from over a month you hear that the baby is ready to go, and from three months you look like you’re going to pop.

My belly is giant, I can’t move, I can hardly walk, everything hurts, and yet I try to do as much as I can, because I know that more active you are, the labour will be easier. I wish my girl came out now, I want to see her. Paul is a blessing. Never met a man so carrying, and so helpful. I know that if he could take my belly of me and carry it for a day he would do this, just to make it easier for me. I keep on saying it and will say it again, I know I’m not the first woman to be pregnant, I’m grateful that my baby is healthy and everything is ok, but I’ve done it twice already and never had it so hard.

That’s why for a sake of all pregnant girls at the and of their way, I want to ask people around to:

– stop pulling surprised faces and say – you still didn’t give birth?! – clearly, as you can see, no pushchair in front of me, just the belly. I wish I could say that loud, but my mum taught me to be nice;

– don’t say – your belly is very big. Are you sure it’s not twins? – First thing, I can see myself, and I know how do I look like, no need to tell me that I’m big, and as you can imagine we live in 21 century, we have 3 and 4d scans, there’s no way that at the end of pregnancy I wouldn’t know how many babies I’m having;

– when you see me from far away don’t wave and show me to your friends as you wanted to say, look she’s still pregnant, and don’t smile all do this little nice laugh, because it’s not funny for me

– in general comments about my look, or how do I feel are annoying at the moment, and I don’t understand why people can’t talk to me about anything else but my pregnancy. I’m still the same person you talked to before my belly grew, and I still have a brain, I have a little human being inside, but I still am the same person.



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