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I’m sure I’ve said that loads of times, but I have enough. I reached the point in my pregnancy,  when I just want my daughter to be born. I don’t go out to much, because I’m struggling to walk, and I’m fed up with people touching my belly, saying – you look like you’re gonna pop! – or – can’t believe you’re still walking! – so I sit at home bored, while Paul is at work, and boys are at school.

Recently one of my friends gave birth, unfortunately a month to early, to her gorgeous little boy Dariush. So I thought, as I like to handcraft things, I’ll make something for him.

In Poland we have this old wives tale, that every new born needs to have a red ribbon put on a pushchair,  to deflect bad looks of jealous people. So I’ve made one for little baby Dariush.

Another thing I’ve made is a dummy clip. 

I also try myself in crochet, but don’t thing I’m patient enough. I’ll keep on trying tho, and let you know how am I doing. 

Now I have to pick up my Ben from school.



Patchwork family is up for a big changes over last few weeks. They start with the new school year. Not only Ben, 4 years old, started full time education, but Oliwer, 11 years old, started Secondary School. Our choice of school was a surprise for many of our friends, as Mcauley Catholic High School, is a bit far from where we live. Oliwer needs to travel everyday by the school bus, and that’s the only scary bit about this choice. I’ve heard so many times, that he would be ok, if he went to Balby Carr, which is only 15 mins walk from our house, but first thing – Oliwer didn’t want to, second thing – Mcauley is much better school, it’s in the second place of the ranking of schools in our town. He really likes it, and I noticed massive change in him already. From a little boy, that sits at home, scared of going somewhere on his own, he turned in, maybe not totally, but more independent young man.
We still have little issues, like yesterday, when he came back with a headache. After a while he came to me, and said, that he was put into second form in science. For those who don’t know, there’s four forms, where first one is the best. My pour, very ambitious boy thought, that he’s going to be in trouble for that, as he knows how important education is for me and Paul. Hopefully he understand now, that second form is not bad, and even if he was in the fourth one, it only mean that he needs to learn a bit more, and maybe with a bit of our help. No point stressing himself out on the second week of the new school year. What I want to ensure my children in every conversation like this, is that they don’t need to be scared to talk to us, we are very proud of them, and they have our support. This is very important for me, that they know this.


Second big change came on this weekend. For the first time since we’ve split, my boys spent the night in their fathers house. I was dreading this day for the last 3 years, thinking that it will break my heart. I love my boys very much, but I must say, that it was nice to have one evening and morning, only for me and Paul. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t like to do this more often then once a week, the house is to quiet without them, but I think that everybody from time to time, need a non-children evening, to recharge batteries. And apart from that, it’s time for them to build a bond with their father and his family, as he didn’t pay to much attention to them until now.

The biggest change is still to come. I’m 38 weeks pregnant now! Can’t wait for my little girl to be with us. Everything is ready crib, loads of pink and white clothes, and blankets, baby seats, swing, and a pram from my dreams.


All we need is our baby Eva. Oliwer keeps on asking, when is she coming, Ben kiss my belly and say hello to her, Paul is happy and scared, and I’m tired. I’m big hippopotamus mama, can’t move, everything takes me twice as much time as it used to, and I’m moaning all the time. Honestly, I think Paul deservesĀ a medal for putting up with me, listening to me every day, when even I can’t listen to myself any more. Pregnancy is nothing like they say in parenting magazines. We all want it to be finished now. Can’t wait for little baby Eva Monika to arrive.