Monthly Archives: July 2016


People lives change all the time. More or less, for better or worse. I hate changes in my life. Although last time everything changed for better, because I’ve met Paul. Today it’s happening again. It’s nothing scary, just big moments for everyone in my family. But I’m out of my comfort zone. I don’t know what’s next. My little Ben, officially finishes nursery today. Something that has been in our lives for nearly 3 years constantly,  even during summer holidays, because I was working. My 11 years old – Oliwer. Finishes Primary school today. He has been in the same school since he was 4. But it’s time to move to secondary school. In this place I have to gently swap subject and say how proud of him I am, because he scored top marks on the new SATS tests, when I hear all over that children were under national expectations. Well done son! Back to where I was – there’s me. Going to maternity leave from my work. The work that I love, people that I know. I want to go back next year, but you never know what is gonna happen… And there’s my Paul, supporting us all, trying to catch up with over emotional pregnancy states. I wasn’t too nice to him this morning, I must admit, and say sorry to him, but my head is just somewhere else, changes are stressing me out…

At the end I just want to show you my new hobby. Because I wanted to give Oliwer’s teachers something nice, so they can remember him, I made the gifts myself. The picture isn’t good, but you can see what I’ve done. Book folding. I really enjoyed it. I’ve made two of them, I hope they’re gonna like it.