For most od people this wouldn’t mean much, but for me it’s a lot. It’s mine and Paul’s second anniversary of our first date.

 Why I want to tell, you this? Because it’s not easy for a person like me, with my past, to trust again…

Three years ago I’ve been left alone. After 10 years and two kids, the father of my boys decided to start a new family somewhere else. That destroyed my self-esteem, and I didn’t think that I’ll love again… I was broken inside really badly, I didn’t even know how much.

When I first met Paul I were just starting to put my world together. Thirty years old single mum with two kids and financial problems. But he took me as I am. 

I was a right mess at the beginning. If I woken up, and he wasn’t next to me, I were running downstairs to see If he didn’t dissappeare. I’ve made many mistakes. I were kicking off if he went to put a football bet on and didn’t come back for one hour. I still learn to trust. I still walk around our living room and look through the window, if he is 5 mins late from work. But I learn. I tell myself that I shouldn’t be worried. Because I know I can trust him. He took it all very well. He stayed with me, accepted me, and showed me real love. Showed me how the life with love should look like.

And here we are now. Me pregnant, Paul being a perfect dad for my two boys, waiting for our little girl to be born. And I just want to say ‘Thank you!’ and ‘I love you!’ because you’re with me…


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