Sometimes it is as it is. Whatever you will do, the madness will catch you. So many things happen last weekend, that I just have to tell you.
Friday. As you know I’m pregnant. And finally on Friday the day has come, to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. I couldn’t be more excited and stressed. So was Paul. We went to the hospital, and while having the scan I asked the doctor to tell us. The only problem was, that the baby put legs up, and we couldn’t see anything. The weirdest thing I’ve made on the scan – lift my bum up, and wiggle the belly to make the baby move. Still nothing. What a disappointment when the doctor said – sorry, we run out of time. – even worse, because it was my last scan in this pregnancy. We couldn’t NOT know! Everybody were waiting for the news! So straight from the hospital we went to make an appointment for a privet scan. And here is where I’ll do some advertising. If you live in Donny or around,  you need emergency or early scan, go to Baby it’s you. Very nice people, calm atmosphere,  and they did it for me straight away. Wasn’t easy,  baby still didn’t want to show it’s sex. We even have z photo when the baby has a hand close to it’s face. It’s probably sucking the tomb, but we say it says  – nanana I won’t tell you! – The midwife went over and above to see, finally she said the sentence, that made my heart beat faster – I think it’s a girl… –
A girl, my little princess… I have two boys, I love them to bits, and now I finally will have my little Disney Princess… We still had to make sure. I had to turn on one side, then on other side, when we saw it three times more, and the result was the same, the midwife confirmed again, that it’s a girl. I couldn’t be happier,  my mum cred and screamed from happiness,  everybody are extremely excited for my little girl. 🙂


Then I’ve had to go back down to reality,  as I’ve had a cake order, and sugarpaste flowers to make. And to top it off, prepare my sons Holy Communion party on Sunday. I worked hard,  and I’ve done it all.


Baby shower cake, I've made last Saturday.


And a little bit of advertising again – Aaron Desourdy Photography – a good friend of my partner, very talented photographer,  he made my son’s Holy Communion photos.




At the end of the weekend I was more tired then after a week of work, but still it was worth it. 🙂


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