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Some people may not like what I say, but I have to say this. This is a new thing that I see on the streets quite often now. Teenagers with E-CIGS. And every time I’m highly annoyed with it. Maybe it’s a sign of me getting old, but my son is 11 in a few days and I can’t imagine him with a cigarette. I know it can happen, but in my world, if parents catch child with a cig at this age, they don’t go “here, try e-cig instead”. I remember one of my friends telling story how his step dad caught him smoking at 14. He made him smoke cigarette after cigarette until he threw up. I don’t say that this is a good way, but it worked. He doesn’t smoke till now. My sister was hiding from our mother till she was 20. And even then it was an accident that mum found out. And our mum wasn’t happy about that!
I may be old fashioned, but I do believe that it’s wrong, and it’s a bad sign of parents loosing control. I do a lot of mistakes with my kids, I can see that some things that they do, or the way they speak to me sometimes, is the way I would never speak to my parents. And I still learn to react in situations like this. My partner helps me a lot with this. Me and Paul won’t let them take control,  because we are parents, we need to show them the way, not go the way they want, and eventually stick e-cig in their mouth, to pretend that we still have something to say…




I hadn’t been here for a long time… I’m sorry about that, but I had a rough time during second month of my pregnancy, because a little person in my belly decided it doesn’t like any food that I’m eating. Fortunately it finished now, and I hadn’t been sick at all this week. And I can share with you the story of my Polish – English Easter…

Easter in Poland is very important. As a kid I heard every year, that Easter is more important than Christmas (hard to understand for a child who loves Santa). The ritual of Easter starts on Good Friday, when all children in the family sit down at the table and colour the eggs. You can go easy way, buy egg paints, dissolve them in the water and put hot boiled eggs in, so it will have one colour, usually red, blue, green, yellow and orange. But reall fun starts when children can take paints and colour them as they want. 

And then Holy Saturday comes. On holy Saturday polish people go to church to bless thei food. We don’t just take whatever food from the fridge and go to the church with it, no. We take a small basket, decorate it nicely, and put in a piece of bread,sausage, ham, boiled egg, and decorated egg (in polish – pisanka), cheese, salt and pepper, chocolate bunny, and a lamb made of sugar. This all has to be covered with a nice serviette. So we take it to the church and we thank for the food we have, the priest sprinkle everything with holy water, and the food is blessed. This basket will then start of our Easter breakfast on Sunday.


Sunday! Easter Sunday is a big deal. We get up in the morning, nobody is allowed to eat anything until all Easter food is on the table. There has to be loads of eggs: painted eggs, hardboiled eggs, eggs in mayonnaise… also it’s necessary to have cooked white sausage. In some houses people have a special soup with white sausages and eggs, but I never liked it so I don’t prepare it. Bigos – sauerkraut, mushrooms, sausage, and at least two types of meat cooked together. That’s what has to be on my table on Easter. There’s a lot more, and you have it all for breakfast! In my house though, because my partner is English, and him and our boys are very fussy about food, I put on bread rolls, chicken slices, cheese and whatever they need to eat something.
The day looks like that:
– children wake up – there’s an treasure hunt. When I was a kid, living in Poland, l didn’t have an egg hunt, my parents were just giving me gifts for rabbit, and that were mostly toys. So I mixed it up for my kids, and they have treasure hunt. They look for chocolate eggs, and other sweets, and the last one is always a toy.
– Easter basket – everything has to be cut in to small pieces, each family members pick up one piece of blessed food, and we say what we wish for the family
– Easter breakfast – everybody sit down at the table and eat as much as we can
– after – we just lye down and have a rest, because we’re so full we can’t move.

Easter is finished by Wet Monday. Every child love that day. We take bottles or buckets, or water guns, fill them with water. We go out and water everybody who we can see. Everybody is wet through, but there’s a lot of fun and laughter…