Me and my children – morning rant

I know I’m not the only one. There’s millions parents in this world struggling every morning to get their children ready to school or childcare. Even though it’s half term, I have to go to work. I take the little one to the paid nursery, and I had to ask their father to look after the older one. But it’s not easy to get them ready on time. My Ben (nearly 4 years old) is absolutely ok, until I say ‘time to dress up’. Then he needs to play, go to bathroom, eat and he scream and cry. The older one Oliwer is nearly 11. He winds Ben up thinking that I can’t see it. He won’t dress up if I don’t tell him to, brush his teeth and do his hair only on my command. And it’s always such a pain on his face, like I asked him to clean a toilet after an elephant has been there. But if I say – Now! OR THERE’S NO CARTOONS, PHONES, PLAYSTATION or whatever they want, suddenly everything works like in a Swiss watch. I’m sure I was like similar as a kid, but my mum was more strict than me, I wouldn’t dare to act like this. And I just found out I’m pregnant again. I’m very happy,  and hoping it’s a girl. I know – doesn’t matter what, as long as it’s healthy,  but when you have two boys, you wish you have a girl.
So I’m now working on me and my boys. Did you know that 70% of housework is done by women? Not in my house any more! Oliwer has a chart of things to do every day – nothing hard, he learn to clean after himself, Ben really enjoy helping me. I discovered that Oliwer is as he is, because of me! When kids are small the enjoy doing things, but we think we will wipe the table better,  or clean the floors. And we teach them that we will do this. So Ben helps me now take pots out of dish washer, wipe the coffee table, clean the floor, and even z bath. And it doesn’t matter that I end up with bath full of foam because spraying is what he likes the most. I sort it when he’s not looking. But he is happy to help,  and I hope it will stay like this.
So ladies sit down and let your children do the 70%. 🙂



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