Rose Cottage

I’m looking at the green field outside the porta cabin. It isn’t too cold but very windy today… Good to be back at work.
Every year, from February till October I work in Rose Cottage Herbs, and have a 3 winter months off. I love it here. I love the look of first small plants, ready for early sales. I’m lucky enough to have a job that I love. Not only because I love gardening, but as well because of people that I work with. Everybody here is nice and we care about each other. My Irish boss and his English wife are now my close friends. They’ve seen me happy, sad, tired, pregnant, and something I’ll never forget – they lift me up, when I fell into a deep black hole of depression, after the father of my children left me. Rose Cottage Herbs is not big, but hearts here a giant. This is my place, even if my fingers hurt from cold in winter, or I’m boiling from heat in summer. That’s all I can say about this place.





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