I had a very emotional weekend. I were visited by my friends from Poland, that I hadn’t seen for about 5 years. It made me realise how much do I miss my family and friends. I talk to my mum and sister on the phone, and Skype, but it’s not the same as be there. Last time I went to see them in August, all my nephews and my lovely niece, my sister, mum, dad, and my very old nana. My last nana. It’s all different now. I miss them a lot, but when I go there, after about a week I have enough. Because time goes quick, and everybody is changing. If I don’t see them for too long I want to be there; when I’m there I see that, their ways aren’t my ways any more, and I want to go back to UK. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have my place, I stuck somewhere in between two countries. Once, my sister asked, what if I won loads of money, would I go back to live in Poland? I honestly don’t know, because my life is now here in UK.
For a little brighter end – a piece of my passion, a cake made by me for a friend suprise baby shower. I hope you like it.



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