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Rose Cottage

I’m looking at the green field outside the porta cabin. It isn’t too cold but very windy today… Good to be back at work.
Every year, from February till October I work in Rose Cottage Herbs, and have a 3 winter months off. I love it here. I love the look of first small plants, ready for early sales. I’m lucky enough to have a job that I love. Not only because I love gardening, but as well because of people that I work with. Everybody here is nice and we care about each other. My Irish boss and his English wife are now my close friends. They’ve seen me happy, sad, tired, pregnant, and something I’ll never forget – they lift me up, when I fell into a deep black hole of depression, after the father of my children left me. Rose Cottage Herbs is not big, but hearts here a giant. This is my place, even if my fingers hurt from cold in winter, or I’m boiling from heat in summer. That’s all I can say about this place.






I had a very emotional weekend. I were visited by my friends from Poland, that I hadn’t seen for about 5 years. It made me realise how much do I miss my family and friends. I talk to my mum and sister on the phone, and Skype, but it’s not the same as be there. Last time I went to see them in August, all my nephews and my lovely niece, my sister, mum, dad, and my very old nana. My last nana. It’s all different now. I miss them a lot, but when I go there, after about a week I have enough. Because time goes quick, and everybody is changing. If I don’t see them for too long I want to be there; when I’m there I see that, their ways aren’t my ways any more, and I want to go back to UK. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have my place, I stuck somewhere in between two countries. Once, my sister asked, what if I won loads of money, would I go back to live in Poland? I honestly don’t know, because my life is now here in UK.
For a little brighter end – a piece of my passion, a cake made by me for a friend suprise baby shower. I hope you like it.




I’m totally innocent this time, I hadn’t done it on purpose. My son’s school gave us letters about Reading together afternoon. I asked my son if he wants me to come, as I try to remember that he is a big boy now. He allow me to come, if there won’t be hugs and kisses in front of his mates (yes, I still do it sometimes). So I went… and I was the only parent there. I watched children playing roles from B.F.G Roald Dahl. I had a good time.
After school I said sorry to my son, and that I hope nobody will laugh at him tomorrow. He answered “They already tried,  but I told them that only laugh because my mum is prettier then theirs”.
My lovely boy. Unfortunately this won’t be the last time. I’m just THAT kind of parent…

My patchwork family

This story starts two years ago, when I was a single mum of two boys, struggling with every part of my life, alone in foreign country. I were doing loads to keep up with paying bills and having normal life, but my “previous life” left me with debts I had to pay back as well. I were selling homemade cakes, to other polish people living in my area, sometimes working as interpreter for friends that don’t speak English, and working part time. Even with that it was very hard. I needed a loan. But with my credit check I could only go to a quick loans company. And that’s where I met him. Paul gave me a loan, and after a while he asked me out. We are together nearly two years. I love him very much, my ten years old say Paul is his hero, three years old knows him better than his own father. We have many funny polish-english situations, parents-children problems, and our plans for future. 

I hope this blog will show that Poland and UK aren’t so different, when it comes to lifestyle.

Sorry if I make spelling or grammar mistakes, my English is very good, but I still work on improving it.

                       Thanks, Kasia842